After making a relationship, this queen used to get her lovers burnt alive and killed, used to break all limits of cruelty


You must have heard about many kings and queens to date. She lived a very luxurious life. Today we are going to tell you about such a queen, knowing about which you will be shocked. That queen used to make a relationship with anyone and burn him alive.

We are talking about the African country of Angola's Queen Enjinga Mbandi, who was known as a very brave warrior. But she was also extremely cruel. It is believed that Queen Enjinga used to burn her lovers alive after having sex with them. There is also a big reason behind telling the queen to be cruel that even her brother was killed for power over her.

Enjinga Mbandi was the queen of the South West African country of Ndongo and Matamba. Enjinga is also known as Engola. The Portuguese are said to have come to this region in search of gold and silver, and they also invaded. Enjinga Mbandi was born about eight years after the Portuguese invasion.

Many stories related to the queen are prevalent and they have been mentioned in many books. French Philosopher 'De Sade' in a book 'The Philosophy of the Dressing Table'. The book is based on the stories of Italian missionary Giovanni Cavezzi.

It is said from the book that Enjinga used to make her lovers alive after having sex. The queen had to have relations with the men living in her harem, for which the men had to fight among themselves until one of the two died. In this fight, the winner used to have a relationship with the queen, after which the queen used to burn alive. Enjinga Mbandirani's harem is known as Chibdos, where the men living here had to wear women's clothes.