After going into this pit, the person became old! you will be shocked to know more


There are many historical places in the world, after seeing which everyone is surprised. Today we are going to give you information about a strange pit, after going into which the person became old in a few seconds.

This strange bit of the world is not in India but Hauska Castle of the Czech Republic. There is a mysterious pit here, whose depth has not been measured to date. It is said that this pit goes straight to hell.

According to reports, the local people say that after sunset, terrible creatures used to come out of this pit. These black-winged creatures were a half human and half animal. It is told about this mysterious pit that in the 13th century, a condition was placed before a prisoner to pardon his sentence that he would have to know about the depth of this pit.

For this, the prisoner was lowered into the pit with the help of a rope. Shortly after, when the sound of screaming came from the pit, the prisoner was pulled out of it. He was almost old when he saw it. The age of this prisoner had increased by many years.