A unique marriage took place in the Corona era: In Mumbai, the pandit recited the mantra and the bride and groom took Seven rounds in Canada


Corona infection has changed the lifestyle of people. Now, something like this has started happening, which no one would have ever imagined. Till now you must have heard about online studies in the Corona period, but now marriages have also started taking place online.

You will also be surprised to know about it. One such marriage has taken place from Dombivali of Thane, adjacent to Mumbai.

According to reports, Bhushan Chaudhary, son of Dr. Hiraman Chaudhary, works in Canada in the Bhopal village area of ​​Dombivali. During this, Bhushan fell in love with a girl named Mandeep Kaur.

Due to Corona, he could not come to India for marriage. For this reason, both of them got married online. On Sunday, Pandit got both of them married after reciting the mantra from Dombivali at the scheduled time. After this, relatives and friends of the family blessed both of them online.