A train of Italy was carrying 106 passengers had mysteriously disappeared, no clue found till date


You may have heard of many mysterious anecdotes involving trains and platforms. But above all, the Italian train which disappeared with passengers. The incident dates back to 1911, in which a train carrying 106 people mysteriously disappeared as it entered the tunnel. To date, it has not been known where this train went.

Actually, a train named Jannetty left from Roman station in 1911. Meanwhile, the train was supposed to pass through a tunnel, but as the train entered the tunnel, it suddenly disappeared. During this time the train was searched a lot, but nothing of it could be found.

However, later two people on the same train met outside the tunnel. During this time, he told such a surprising incident that all were shocked. He said that as the train approached the tunnel, a mysterious smoke was coming out of it. Seeing this, he got very nervous and jumped from the train. After this, the train entered the tunnel and it never left.

It is said about this mysterious event that this train left 71 years behind its time i.e. in the past. According to media reports, the train reached Mexico in 1840. For this reason, it is also called a ghostly train.

A doctor in Mexico claimed that 104 people were mysteriously admitted to the hospital in which she works. But they all went crazy. However, he was able to tell so much that he has come here by train. But the most surprising thing was that no such train was made at that time to go directly from Rome to Mexico. Another surprising thing was that there was no record of these people coming to Mexico.

This peculiar phenomenon remains a mystery to the whole world to date. However, an even bigger mystery is that this train has been claimed to be seen in many parts of Italy, Russia, Germany, and Romania. Every time the train was seen by people, it was exactly like the train disappeared in 1911.