6 ghostly railway stations in India where no one steps after dark!

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You may have only heard about things like ghost haunting and often say that this is nonsense, but there is one such place in the world that it is said that there is a ghost at night. In many places, people even refrain from going, so let us then tell you which are those places.

MG Road Metro Station Gurugram

On the metro station MG Road located in Gurugram, not one but many people have seen strange movements happening and due to this, many people with whom such an incident has happened, they started refraining from going to that place again.

Ludhiana Railway Station

There is a counter at Ludhiana railway station where Subhash, who was sitting, died, and since his death, the area around that place was haunted and there were many strange poor movements.

Naini Station, Uttar Pradesh

Naini station is the place where many people lost their lives while fighting the freedom struggle and because of this, people here believe that people have heard different voices shouting at this place many times.

Chittoor Station

At the Chittoor station, a CRPF jawan was beaten up so much by the Railway Police Force and TTE together that he lost his life and it is said that even today the soul of that jawan is wandering to get justice there.

Barog Station

It is often said about the Barog hill station located in Himachal, that the British officer, Barog, who built this station here, gave his life and due to this, his soul still lives here.

Beguncodor, Bengal

The Beguncodor railway station located in Bengal was also closed for many decades due to its ghostliness. At this station, the shadow of women has been seen many times.

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