3 friends who returned from the future made a sensational disclosure - in 2021 there will be terrible destruction from the sea


The issue of time travel comes up quite often. Many people keep claiming to return from the future. However, these people do not have any solid evidence, due to which it is difficult to believe their words. In such a situation, three friends have claimed that they have returned from the future and the time to come is not good.

Three friends have disclosed their claim by uploading a video on Tiktok. He wrote that the time to come is very bad. He does not have any proof but he claimed that the time to come is full of terrible events. In Time Vlogger has claimed that he has returned from the future. In December last year, he came back to earth and now wants to save his life by sharing what he has seen with people. Clips of many fictional films and documentary films have been used in the video uploaded by these friends to prove their claims. Since the upload of this video, he has got millions of followers. All three told in the video that in 2021, Corona will not be the only problem. In the summer, the huge waves of the sea will cause havoc. In just a few days the story of devastation will begin. However, apart from this, no other information has been shared.

Many questions raised by people

It got millions of views after the video was posted by these friends. In this only, the matter of destruction by the waves has been shared. However, people have raised many questions regarding this matter. Some people are asking where will this devastation come from? Some people also asked for information about the dates. Seeing this video, a user wrote that if this catastrophe is coming in the summer, then it is going to come in California. At the same time, a person wrote that if you come from the future, then also give information about the place and date.