Your car will give tremendous mileage in one liter of petrol! Remove these 4 parts


Most of the fuel cars in India, most of them have a mileage of 20 to 23 kilometers per liter. However, you get this mileage when you are driving the car at a very low speed as well as at least people are sitting in your car. Overall, we say that the car gives this much mileage only on the easy drive or economy mode. Although most people are not able to do this, in such a way, the mileage is reduced considerably and later the mileage remains almost half. If your car also gives less mileage and you want to increase it, then today we are going to tell you about some of the parts of the car that after changing, you can increase the mileage of the car to a great extent.

Company fitted tires

Most people use company-fitted tires, they are less wide as well as their weight is much less than customized tires. In such a situation, they put very little pressure on the engine, which keeps the mileage normal, and if you use wide tires, then the grip of the car increases but it increases the pressure on the engine of the car, which automatically increases the mileage of the car itself. Begins to decrease.


Usually, you have seen spoilers in sports cars. They make the car stable and do not allow it to be shaken off the road. If you use a spoiler in ordinary cars, then it affects the aerodynamic design of the car, which makes the car more stressed to move. In this case, you should have the spoiler removed immediately.

Heavy roof rails

Heavy roof rails are offered in most SUV vehicles so that you can carry a lot of your luggage in them. Although people have started assembling them even in small cars, they put pressure on the engine, which reduces the mileage significantly. In such a situation, you should not install heavy roof rails in small cars.

Heavy Protection Grill

When people buy a new car, they get a heavy protection grill in front of it. However, there are many problems with this, including the non-opening of the airbag, as well as the mileage is also reduced. You should avoid heavy protection cage or grill which can get you in trouble.