Why should nitrogen gas be filled in a motorcycle or car tires instead of normal air? Click here to know


Summer is at its peak at this time. At this time, the increased temperature also has a bad effect on the vehicles, and many times the problem of tire burst is seen. Most of us fill normal air in our tires. But instead of normal, you should fill nitrogen gas in the tires.

But according to a media report, out of the gas normally used in tires, up to 78 percent of the tires are filled with nitrogen gas and 21 percent are filled with normal air.

Nitrogen gas does not contain moisture because it is lighter than oxygen. Due to this, the mileage of the car is also good. Also, nitrogen lasts longer than normal air. Normal air has high humidity. Due to this, there is a problem of damage to the tires of the vehicles. It also has a bad effect on the rim or alloy wheel in the tire.