Why is traction control given in vehicles? Know how it works


In today's modern era, new types of technology are also seen in vehicles. The features which were earlier available only in premium vehicles, now all those features are being seen in most of the vehicles. When you go to buy a new car, you get to see many features in the market. In which the names of many more features come in the name of Hill Assist, Cruise Control, and Traction Control. Through this article, we will tell you what is about traction control and how it works in a car or bike.

Traction Control: Traction control systems are known by many different names. But this is its common name. This is a feature that prevents the wheels of your car from losing control so that the vehicle does not go out of control. When you drive your car or bike on a wet surface, often 2 out of 4 tires of the car slip or start spinning more quickly. That's why you should always keep it on in the car. So that you can avoid any untoward incident. Apart from this, the vehicles which have more pickup, which have more power and also generates more torque, in them the traction control should be turned on at the time of giving the ignition before driving the car.

How Traction Control Works: When the traction control system is activated, your car tires perform well on wet surfaces or in the sand. You must have seen that when two wheels of a car come on a wet surface or get stuck in the sand, then according to the power of that car, the front or rear wheels apply more force and start rotating faster. But if the traction control system is in the car, then this problem does not arise and a message reaches the central unit connected with the information of the tires that the balance of the tires of the car is deteriorating, after which the wheel balance suddenly deteriorates through the internal mechanism itself. , can be avoided as well as it helps to avoid losing control of the vehicle during emergency brakes.

Traction Control in Motorcycle: These days there are many super adventure bikes, in which traction control is also seen. With the help of this, be it a bike or a car, it keeps its good grip on the surface. Due to which the chances of the bike or car slipping on places like emergency brakes or wet surfaces and sand are greatly reduced. Even though the vehicle has features like ESP Electronic Stability Control and ABSA Anti-lock braking system with it, the chances of such an accident happening in your vehicle will be less.