Was PM Modi sitting in Obama's car because of this, Will Donald Trump do the same now?


Donald Trump India Visit: US President Donald Trump is coming to India on 24 February. In such a situation, their reception preparations are almost complete. You can find out how excited Donald Trump (US President Donald Trump) is about his visit to India from his last few tweets. However, today we are going to tell you about a piece of news that may surprise you. Today we are going to tell you about one incident when Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi) had to sit in the car of the then US President Barack Obama years ago. In such a situation, the question is, can Donald Trump also do what Barack Obama did years ago? If this happens, will Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again sit in Cadillac One?

Cadillac One runs the world's most powerful man

It is very important to understand some things before we go on talking about Barack Obama. The President of America is considered to be the most powerful person in the world. In such a situation, the Cadillac One car has been made keeping in view the security of the President. This car is as luxurious to look at as dangerous. This car is a moving death for its enemies. This car is designed for the President of America only. This car is not sold in any market in the world. In such a situation no one can buy it even if they want.

How expensive is Cadillac One?

Given the security and choice of the President of America, Cadillac One has all the necessary features. In this case, if the reports are to be believed, its value is about 11.5 crores.

Cadillac One is no less than a trunk

The US Secret Service (US Secret Service) conducts a thorough investigation into the Cadillac One that the US President runs. This agency decides what features will be in this car. In fact, the President of the United States tells his choice to the US Secret Service. After this, the agency tells the car maker how and where to include all those things.

Outside the US, only rides in Cadillac One

The Cadillac One is a custom car made by General Motors. When the President of America goes out of America, he rides in Cadillac One.

Obama did not get permission in India

A few years ago when the then US President Barack Obama came to India, he was not allowed to sit in any car other than the Cadillac One. Barack Obama's proposal to sit on another car was refused by the agency overseeing security.

That's why Prime Minister Modi was sitting in Obama's car

Due to security reasons, Barack Obama was asked to sit only in Cadillac One, after which Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself came in Obama's car and sat for some time.

What will Donald Trump do?

There is a very close friendship between Prime Minister Modi and Trump. Both leaders have mentioned this at different times. In such a situation, a question also arises that can such an occasion come when Trump is asked to sit in PM Modi's car? If this happens, will Trump be sitting in a car other than his car or will he have to sit in Cadillac One just like Obama…