Vehicle sales rebounded, passenger vehicle sales up 14 percent in August!


The month of August was a relief for the automobile industry, which has been hit by the COVID-19 epidemic for five months. The wholesale sales of passenger vehicles registered an increase of 14 percent and two-wheelers by 3 percent. According to data released on Friday by Siam, an association of automakers, domestic sales of passenger vehicles in August rose 14.16 percent to 2,15,916 from a year earlier. Which were 1,89,129 units in the same month last year? On Friday, this information has been revealed in the data released by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, the Society of Auto Industry.

Let us tell you that in SIAM figures it has been told that 2-wheelers sales in August increased by 3 percent to 15.6 lakh units. Last month, two-wheeler sales stood at 15,59,665 units. Whereas in the same month last year it was 15,14,196 units.

In August 2019, motorcycle sales were 10,32,476 units as compared to 9,37,486 units which are 10.13 percent higher. Last year, 5,20,898 scooters were sold in the same month, which is 4,56,848 units in August this year. That is, it has fallen by 12.3 percent.