Vehicle sales pick up in the festive season, increase more than 10 percent in 10 days


Vehicle sales have again gained momentum during the festive season. Although this is slightly less than the sales made in these days last year, in 10 days, the vehicle sales graph has started climbing. Two-wheeler sales have increased by more than 10 percent with Hyundai, Tata, Kiya vehicles. Vehicle sales are likely to increase further by Diwali. This has once again brought happiness to the faces of dealers and their employees.

The manager of a showroom in Hyundai said that sales have started increasing. It is expected to increase further by Diwali. Discount offers and exchange bonuses are being given by the company on the purchase of different model cars. After the increase in sales, only a few colored cars of Centro are available.

A manager at Suzuki Motors, Dwarka said that people are adopting two-wheelers to avoid infection during the Corona era. The price of BS-6 vehicles has increased, yet sales have increased by more than 10 percent. The executive of Diwan Bajaj, based in Mahavir Enclave, said that sales have increased significantly. Around 10 vehicles are being sold daily in the last 10 days.