Toyota closes production plant, customers will not be able to buy this supreme SUV


Given the ever-growing Corona transition, the legendary carmaker Toyota has shut down several of its production plants, including several production units in India. The company has also stopped work at Bidari plant in India and plants in Canada and the US with immediate effect so that the infection of the virus can be reduced as well as to keep the employees completely safe. Not only this, but the supply work has also stopped, due to which the company has to take this decision.

According to the information, 8 employees in the company's Ontario plant were caught by the disease, after which a decision has been taken to stop working in the plant for some time. If work was not stopped at the plant in time, then other employees could also be hit by Corona.

Many countries of the world including India are badly affected by Corona and keeping in mind the safety of the people, many car manufacturers have already closed their production plants to prevent the spread of the virus. Let us tell you that Toyota's Ontario plant has about 1,200 employees, out of which a directive has been issued to stop the work of the plant after 8 employees are corona positive.

Let us tell you that after the stoppage of the production of Toyota cars in Canada, the supply of Toyota cars in Asia, America, and Europe will be affected. With the closure of this plant, production of Toyota's best-selling SUV RAV4 has also stopped, due to which customers will face problems in purchasing it. Apart from this, parts of Lexus RX 350 and RS 450h will also not be produced.

Recently, in an official statement issued by the company, it was said that Toyota is running an annual maintenance program from 26 April to 14 May. In this, the machines of the company's production plant will be repaired. Production and supply will remain closed during this period although rebadge cars can be purchased including Toyota Glanza and Urban Cruiser.