To spread awareness about Covid-19 Vaccine, a person from Chennai made auto-rickshaw, made from waste material


Millions of people have died due to corona infection in India. Even today thousands of new cases are coming to the fore. However, now the vaccine has given relief to the people to a great extent. But some people are not active at all about the vaccine. In such a situation, a person living in Chennai has modeled an auto-rickshaw to spread awareness about the benefits of the vaccine.

Gautam, the founder of the art firm the R Kingdom, has designed this rickshaw out of some bad pipes, old plastic bottles. From the front, the auto-rickshaw is painted in light blue from top to bottom and features large shadows of syringes and vaccine vials, which are piped. A large picture of a vaccine vial has been installed at the top of the auto to show the importance of COVID-19 vaccines. At the same time, a picture of a small vaccine vial can be seen above the headlight of the vehicle.

Gautam told ANI that "The result of this awareness campaign has been positive so far. Through this special auto, I try to make people understand the importance of vaccines especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic." The artist has tied up with the Greater Chennai Corporation to spread awareness about the COVID-19 vaccination. He has also made 'COVID helmets' in the past.

At the end of March last year, when the Covid lockdown was imposed for the first time in the country. Gautam had collaborated with the police officials of Chennai to create a unique 'Corona' helmet to prevent commuters from coming out on the roads. He used broken helmets and papers to make this particular helmet.