TI Montra Electric Cycle Launched in India, Know Price and Features


The TI Montra electric cycle is specially designed to meet the needs of users who travel short distances. The cost of this e-cycle is only Rs 27,279. Which can be bought from the dealers of TI Montra.

New Delhi. Montra, the high-end performance bike brand from India's TI Cycles, has launched its first electric bike cycle, specially designed to make short-distance commutes comfortable and convenient. The e-cycle will be offered at a price of Rs 27,279, which will make it very useful for small daily tasks. The Montra e-Cycle is built on a lightweight alloy frame, which makes it easy to maneuver and maneuver. It has a dual-mode, using which the rider can toggle it between manual and electric mode. The provision of an electric braking system ensures an effective and smooth braking system, which cuts off the motor power when braking is applied.

These people have launched e-cycle – The company has specially designed this electric cycle to meet the needs of users traveling short distances. Speaking on the Montra e-cycle launch, Vellayan Subbaiah, MD, Tube Investments of India said, “Most of us depend on the availability of public transport for short-distance travel. With the launch of the Montra e-Cycle, we want to give our customers freedom from waiting periods, so that they can reach their home or other location without any delay.

As we all know that the coming time is going to be of electric vehicles, in such a situation the demand for this e-cycle can increase among the urban commuters. Recent research shows that India's e-cycle market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 12.69 percent to USD 2.08 million by 2026, which is a huge potential.

Features of TI Montra Cycles – As a brand, Montra has always been a customer-centric brand. It is the first brand in India to use carbon frames in bicycles, giving customers the option of faster, smoother, and easier transportation. With the launch of our new MONTRA e-Cycle product, we are also focusing on expanding the range of customers who are looking for a simpler option for commuting short distances on a daily basis. The Montra e-Cycle will be available across our dealer network in India.