This tension ended due to driving license and RC, a new feature found in Corona era


There is good news for vehicle owners regarding driving license and RCBook. Now they do not need to be concerned about renewal. Actually, the vehicle owners have to pay a fine for renewing the driving license and RC book after the deadline, but now the Transport Department is going to provide a new facility to avoid such situations. Now two months before the expiry of the driving license and book of the vehicle, the message will be sent on behalf of the transport department on the mobile of the vehicle owners. Due to this, the vehicle owners will be able to renew the license and RC before the end of the period.

What to do?

If you also want to get the message on your mobile for the license and renewal of RC two months in advance, then for this you will have to go to the official website of the Transport Department. Here you can update your number. You can also update the mobile number by going to the RTO office.

Information about the challan will also be available

After updating the mobile number on the website of the transport department, you will get many facilities. For example, if you break the traffic rules, the message will automatically come on your mobile number.

That's why a fine

The condition of almost all the districts of the country is the same. Most of the people here are not aware that their license and RC have expired. This is why they have to pay fines while renewing. In such a situation, this new facility will provide great relief to the vehicle owners, where they will be able to get every small and big information related to their vehicle in an instant.

Most people's numbers not updated

Officials of the Transport Department said that the mobile numbers of many people are not updated, due to which they do not get complete information at the right time.