This Maruti 800 runs on three wheels, you have never seen this type of avatar of this car


The Maruti Suzuki 800 still counts among the legendary cars. However, this car, which ruled the hearts of people for decades, was discontinued long ago. But even today, car enthusiasts have been modified across the country to make it a part of their garage. At the same time, this car has been modified once again. However, this amendment made for fun is not legally correct.

Motorcycle wheel

Let us know that this car has been modified by MAGNETO 11. Even before this, he has modified many cars. The entire process of how the car has been modified is also shown in a video. This car has been cut in half with the first cutter. After that, a motorcycle tire has been added to the rear. That is, the four-wheel Maruti Suzuki has been made of three-wheel.

A car on three wheels

It is seen in the video that it has not taken much effort to make this four-wheeler a three-wheeler. At the same time, there is no problem with running this car. In the video, the driver is seen moving the vehicle forward and backward with speed. He is easily driving the car. However, this modification is illegal. Because the look of this car has been changed completely. Its design is not legal at all, so if the vehicle does not follow the rules, it can be seized by the police.

Plan to build a mini car

The person who made the car says that this car is not yet finalized. He said that he plans to build a mini Maruti 800 car. It is yet to be updated. This car will remain the same, its size will be small. He said that what has happened in the car so far was just for fun. As it is shown on Tiktok etc. nowadays. He also said that when the car will be fully ready, it is not known yet because he is already working on many trains.

Process is long

Let me tell you that if you want to make a car valid in this way, then it has to go through a long process. This requires testing by ARAI or ICAT. At the same time, it is registered by the RTO. It is a long process that costs a lot of time and money.