This car accessories will make you a smart driver, the car will also remain safe and the warranty will remain intact


People want to make their vehicles like dream cars or dream bikes. They are willing to pay any price for this. Nowadays, aftermarket auto accessories are also in great demand. While the company has to pay a lot for fitted accessories, aftermarket accessories are available at a lower price. But while installing these accessories, it is very important to keep in mind that if your car is under warranty, then avoid any customization or accessories that cause problems to the wiring or parts of the car. Let's know about some such aftermarket accessories, which are easily available online ...

air purifiers

These days, along with Corona, air pollution is also causing problems for the health of the people. If you go to the office every day by driving long, then the air purifier can keep you fresh. Nowadays almost all car companies are installing PM 2.5 air filters in their new cars. Kia Sonnet has also provided the feature of air purifier, which also shows the air quality index. Many aftermarket air purifiers in the market come with this feature. At the same time, the application of these does not affect the warranty of the car.

vacuum cleaner

Some people make the car their dining room. Eating and drinking during driving, which causes dirt to spread. It also creates odor and bacteria remain in them due to these things lying in the car for a long time. This also attracts mice or other organisms to eat, which can cause major damage to the car. It is better to keep a vacuum cleaner in the car and regularly clean the car at fixed intervals. Cleaners work in the car through an auxiliary power outlet or cigarette lighter socket. You just have to start the car and you can clean the car in a pinch.

Tire Inflator or Air Compressor

Going on long driving and all of a sudden the fun gets gritty if tire air gets out or gets punctured. If your car has a tire inflator, then there is nothing to worry about, at least you will not have to work hard to change the step. This is the most important auto accessories that everyone should keep in their car. Nowadays all cars are tubeless and they travel a long distance even after a puncture, but if the puncture is not known or there is no air in the Stepney, then you can easily reach your floor with an air inflator.

Jumper cable or jumper starter power bank

Many times the battery goes down due to the car's headlight or interior light being turned on. In such a situation, if you have a jumper cable, instead of having to rely on a mechanic, you can start your car in minutes. You can charge your car's battery in a short time by connecting a cable made of copper wire to the battery of another car. It would be better to buy a two gauge jumper cable so that charging takes less time. Nowadays power banks are also coming which are up to 50,000 mAh capacity and start the vehicle quickly without the help of any battery.


This is a must-have accessory that every vehicle owner should deploy. If you do not have a car but a bike, you can also install it. Car GPS is a bit expensive while GPS for bikes is available at a lower price. They also do not end the warranty of the vehicle and also increase the value of the vehicle during the insurance renewal. This device protects your vehicle and also saves your money. But keep in mind that after installing it, do not tell anyone that your car has a GPS system.

Motion sensor dash camera

People are not much aware of the dash camera yet. But this is an essential thing in-car accessories. The advantage of this is that as soon as someone comes in front of your car, the camera will start recording automatically. These cameras can be mounted back and forth. This serves as an important proof of a road accident. Whatever is happening in front of you, all the activities will be recorded in it.

Wheel camp/gear lock

Vehicle theft cases are increasing steadily. The safety of your vehicle is also your responsibility. If you want, besides putting GPS devices in your car, you can also set up wheel camps, these camps that come with soft rubber coating do not harm your car in any way. Although it is mostly used by the traffic police, you can also apply it for the safety of the vehicle. Apart from this, you must install a gear lock in the car. It is very easy for thieves to enter the car, but it is a bit difficult to break the gear lock. Thieves often target gearlocked vehicles less often. By applying it, the warranty of your car also remains.