These vehicles will enter the enemy's territory and attack, shoots, and bomb blasts on them are also ineffective


Ashok Leyland is the largest logistics vehicle supplier to our country's Army. Let us tell you that Ashok Leyland has delivered the first batch of light bulletproof vehicles to the Indian Air Force. These vehicles keep the army personnel completely safe under adverse conditions and also provide the ability to retaliate against the enemies, while also keeping themselves safe. These are the first vehicles of their kind that have been delivered to the Indian Air Force.

Ashok Leyland has stated that this light bulletproof vehicle is an adopted version of Lockheed Martin's Common Vehicle Next Generation (CVNG). These vehicles are designed to withstand bullet ammunition attacks, making them safe for the army personnel sitting in them.

If you talk about the features of this light bulletproof vehicle, then customers are given a high-quality terrain system that helps them to walk easily on any kind of route. Whether the roads are mountainous or mud-filled or sandy, this vehicle is fully capable of speeding on all of them so that it can be carried forward without any interruption and can fight against the enemies and that too. Keeping the seals safe. This vehicle is very important for the army, which proves very helpful in overcoming the situations.

This vehicle does off-roading as well as its weight is also very low, so that it can catch the speed easily. To escape safe escape in bad conditions, the weight of the vehicle must be minimized. A low-armored vehicle takes a faster speed and gets time to escape.