These special locks protect your bike from thieves, the price starts at just Rs 150


If you park your bike anywhere and ignore its safety then there is a risk of your bike getting stolen. In fact, vehicle thieves carry out the maximum number of vehicle theft incidents in the festive season. If you also want to keep your bike safe then you do not have to worry because in this news we are going to tell you about the special locks which protect your bike from thieves. These locks are very difficult to break. So let's know which are these locks and how much are they worth.

Stand lock: When you park your bike you can make it safe with the help of a stand lock. It easily fits into the double strand of the bike. Once this lock is installed in your bike, no one can remove it from the stand. This lock is very strong and very difficult to break. The price of this lock starts at Rs 500.

Handle lock: The motorcycle already has a handle lock but the bike thieves easily break it. Another handle lock is available in the market to make your bike safe. These handle locks are fitted to the shocking part of your bike. After this, you can lock the handle of the bike. Once locked the handle of the bike cannot be unlocked. This lock is easily available at a price of C200 rupees.

Disc Brake Lock: Nowadays disc brakes are offered in most bikes. This brake comes in handy to stop your bike very fast, as well as a special lock is also available for it in the market. Actually, this lock fits firmly into the disc brake. In such a situation, even if someone starts your bike, it cannot be taken anywhere because the disc brake gets jammed due to this lock. These locks are available for Rs 150.

Petrol Lock: Very few people use Petrol Lock as it is a very effective lock. This prevents the supply of petrol in the engine of the bike, so thieves cannot run anywhere with it. It is available in the lock market for Rs 200 to 300.