These sedan cars flourished in August, see the list of India's best-selling cars


Amid the increasing craze of SUVs in India, demand for sedan cars has come down somewhat. During the last few years, the choice of buyers has changed. When the same features are available at the same price, then buying an SUV becomes a more sensible decision. The reason for the change in the mindset of the people is compact SUVs which have become more comfortable, they get more space and more features are started in their kit. At almost the same prices, the customer will definitely opt for an SUV with a strong presence on the road. However, it cannot be said that this is a challenging time for all sedan cars.

For example, like the compact and sub-compact SUV segment, the C-segment sedan segment has seen a lot of sales due to a number of attractive offerings. However, it cannot be compared to the SUV segment in terms of sales. Nevertheless, when considering other segments of the sedan category, their performance cannot be said to be very poor. With many attractive offerings, the C-segment sedan space is still a bargain.

Honda City Number One

The undisputed king of this segment and the topper in sales, Honda City (Honda City) has launched a new generation model in July this year. For decades, Honda City has been the number one car in its segment in India. The Honda City is the best selling sedan car in this segment due to its performance and comfort with a lot of performance and a lot of features. Last month, Honda sold 2,299 units of the City. While in August 2019, this car was sold 1,593 units. This is a 44 percent increase over August 2019 sales. This is the second consecutive month when Citi has been the No. 1 selling sedan in this segment. The company is selling both the new 5th generation and older fourth-generation Honda City cars.

Hyundai Verna

Hyundai Verna (Hyundai Verna) came second in the list of best-selling cars in the sedan car segment. The car went on sale in 2015 in August 2020. At the same time, the company sold 1,597 units of Hyundai Verna in August 2019. Sales of this car have increased by more than 26 percent.

Maruti Ciaz

Maruti Ciaz (Maruti Ciaz) was the third best selling car in the sedan segment. In the month of August, Ciaz sold 1,223 units. While the company sold 1,596 units of this car in August 2019. Car sales have registered a decline of 23.37.

Skoda rapid

The Skoda Rapid (Skoda Rapid) car sold 697 units in August 2020. In the month of August last year, 791 units of this car were sold. Skoda Rapid car sales decreased by 11.88 percent in August this year compared to last year.

Toyota yaris

Despite being a value for money product, Toyota Yaris (Toyota Yaris) has not been able to attract customers' attention. The Toyota Yaris car has sold 438 units in August this year. At the same time, 215 units of this car were sold in August 2019. In this sense, sales of Yaris have increased by 103 percent over August 2019.