These people will get permission to travel in Delhi Night Curfew, remember these things before going out at night.


Corona outbreak in India is once again spreading its legs. Delhi was one of the most affected cities in the country last year where the first wave of the coronavirus hit. At present, the situation in Delhi has become worrisome once again. Keeping this in mind, the government has taken some strict steps to prevent the spread of the disease. To reduce viral transmission, the Delhi government has decided to impose a curfew in the city from 10 am to 5 am. Which will be applicable till 30th April. Let us tell you, during this curfew, which vehicles will be allowed to know in the national capital.

1. Due to this curfew, government officials concerned with providing emergency services other than emergency services (eg Health and Family Welfare, Police, Prisons, Home Guards, Civil Defense, Public Transport and Electricity, etc.) have to travel during night curfew. Will be allowed For which they will have to take their valid identity card with them.

2. In this curfew, private medical personnel such as doctors, nursing staff, paramedical, clinics, pharmacies, etc. employees working on medical services can travel. Provided they also have a valid I-card. At the same time, pregnant women and patients have also been allowed to travel for medical and health services.

3. People traveling to airports, railway stations and ISBT (Interstate Bus Terminal) will be allowed to travel with a valid ticket. The government also required e-passes for people associated with businesses such as grocery stores, pharmacies, animal feed, banks, insurance offices, ATMs, print and electronic media, telecommunications (Internet services, broadcasting, IT-enabled services, etc.). have made.

4. While transport facilities like Delhi Metro, DTC, Auto, Taxi, etc. will be allowed during night curfew only in the above situation. If a citizen has to travel interstate, then a valid e-pass must be there for him. However, he is not going for any medical emergency or necessary activities.