These measures are 100 percent effective to increase the mileage of the vehicle


Trains are seen as status symbols in this country. Looking at the way the prices of petrol and diesel are increasing, people are now starting to like cars that give more mileage.

So today we are presenting some tips for better mileage, which you can use to increase the mileage of your car.

Regular servicing

To increase the mileage of the car, the engine, clutch, gear, etc. parts of the car work well and always be maintained. Therefore, the car should be serviced regularly. Oiling, greasing, lubricating, fading, and cleaning make your car run smoother.

Do not run at high speed

Running the car at high speed puts more load on the engine, due to which the mileage of the car is reduced compared to the normal. Even on the highway, the car should not run faster than 70-80 kmph speed, you will feel that the mileage of the car has started increasing.

Avoid short distance drives

Avoid short-distance drives as far as possible. Often the mileage of the vehicle is reduced in short distance drive, due to frequent engine start and stop, the car does not give good mileage.

Do not press the clutch repeatedly

The clutch should never be pressed too much while driving a car, this puts a load on the engine and consumes more fuel.

Maintain Tire Air Pressure

Do not keep the tire pressure in the car more or less. Due to less air in the tire, there is more pressure on the engine of the car to move your car and if there is more air in the tire of the car, then your car will bounce more, which sometimes causes an accident. It is also a point to keep in mind for mileage.

Stop the car when not needed

Many car drivers do not turn off the engine of a vehicle when stuck in traffic or at a traffic signal. Turn off the engine of your car if you have to stop for more than a minute in traffic.

Turn off the air conditioner if not needed

The use of more air conditioners means more fuel consumption. Whenever the weather is cold, try not to use or reduce the air conditioner. This will greatly affect the mileage of your car.