These features disappeared from cars in just 10 years, Like 'horns from donkey's head', knowing you will also say Oh No


The last decade has witnessed many changes in cars. There is a continuous change in the features coming in cars. Although change is the law of nature, remember that time when you went to get a new car 7-8 years ago and you were bummed by seeing the features at that time. They were even willing to lighten their pockets for them. Those decade-old features remind you of the past in the current era. In that era, most of the features were manual, which were also less expensive. Know about such decades-old features that will soon become history in the coming years…

Strong body

About ten years ago attention was given to the strength of the car. The cars of that time were of a strong body. But now cars are not only lighter in weight but also have higher mileage and better performance. At the same time, they also reduce pollution. It can be estimated from this that the weight of the Swift coming 10 years ago was 965 to 1060 kg, which has now reduced from 855 to 985 kg. This happened due to Maruti's new Heartect platform.

Ashtrays and cigarette lighters

In the 80s and 90s, both these things were very common in cars. Car manufacturing companies used to include these features in the top variants. At the same time customers also used to have nose eyebrows due to these features. During that time the companies used to give ashtrays in the doors not only for the front but also for the rear seats. But now companies have become conscious of your health, they have been replaced by the curator. Car smoking enthusiasts now use removable ashtrays.

Hydraulic power steering

There was a time when cars used to have common steering, later hydraulic steering started coming in the top variants which were more convenient than them. But after that companies started giving electronic power steering to keep the costing low and to avoid the struggle. However, these are more convenient than hydraulics, unless they are spoiled.

Full-size spare wheel

Earlier companies used to give spare tires according to the size of the four tires in the vehicles, but now due to less boot space, they are giving lighter and smaller size tires. People who like to do 5-tire rotation have this problem. Even if the car is punctured in the emergency and you have to install a spare wheel, you cannot drive the car at the same speed. Overall, the spare tires coming in today's vehicles are for emergencies only.

Manual window

Nowadays, manual windows are still provided at the rear in lower or entry-level base models. But there was a time when only manual windows were available in cars. However, there was less difficulty in them. But now the automatic window has replaced them. However, this affects the performance of the battery.

Tailgate spare wheel in SUV

There was a time when the SUV was identified with a spare wheel mounted on its tailgate. The SUV also looked heavy with this look. At that time, there was such a craze among people that people used to install spare wheels on the aftermarket tailgate. However, they were afraid of being stolen. Some companies are still offering spare wheels on the tailgate, but most car manufacturers are now offering boot space or under-body spare wheels.

Large fuel tank

Older vehicles used to have a large fuel tank, usually up to 45 liters. But now there are more mileage and lines of petrol pumps on the highway, then there is no problem with oil. Companies have also started providing low capacity tanks to save space. The Tata Altoz offers a 37-liter fuel tank, while the Bolt had a 44 liter one. At the same time, Hyundai Aura had 37 liters and Hyundai Accent had 43 liters of the fuel tank. The new Wagon R offers 32 liters of Shrapurani (35 liters), Swift / Dzire with 37 liters (previously 42 liters), while the Kwid offers a 28-liter fuel tank.

Aux port

About 10 years ago, cars used to have aux ports, but they are missing in the new type of touchscreen infotainment system. Initially, it was the era of CD players, after that USB ports started coming in and at the same time aux ports used to connect mobile phones. But now the infotainment systems are Bluetooth supported and support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Many vehicle manufacturers have started to provide additional USB ports instead of aux ports. So that there is no problem in smartphone charging.


Earlier companies used to write the variant behind the model along with the cars, which would be known on the basis of whether the car was manual or automatic, as well as running on diesel or on petrol. Overall, the long badging car was life. But now companies have started naming the model only to reduce costs. Now it has become difficult to know the name of the variant easily.

Folding rear seats

Older sedan cars such as the Toyota Corolla had the facility of folding the rear seats to increase boot space when needed. It was also very beneficial. More luggage was also easily maintained, now companies have stopped offering folding seats in sedan cars due to cost-cutting. The new Elantra and Civic get fixed seats. Only the hatchback, crossover, and SUV come with folding seats.