These are the cheapest family cars in India, a family of 7 will easily fit into them


In India, the prices of cars have increased due to the increase in raw material prices and service costs at this time. Now customers have to pay more than before to buy small and big cars. Although if you are planning to buy a family car, then you may have to spend a lot more for this, if your budget is less then there is nothing to worry about because today we have the cheapest family available in India for you. You have brought cars that you can use for household or commercial purposes.

Maruti Suzuki Eeco

The Maruti Suzuki Eeco has a 4 cylinder petrol engine of 1196cc. Most of the time it is used as an ambulance, school vehicle, or taxi. In such a situation, if you are going to start your own catering business or taxi service, then this car can prove to be a good option. It can also be used domestically. Some people like to travel with their big family. This is a good option for such people. Eeco's starting price is Rs 3,97,800 (Delhi ex-showroom).

Datsun Go Plus

It gets a 3 cylinder in line 4 valve DOHC petrol engine of 1198 cc. Many people use Datsun Go Plus like a taxi in India as well as it is also very much liked for personal use and the reason behind this is the tremendous space found in this car. It is a very popular (multi-purpose vehicle). A multi-purpose vehicle is a vehicle that you can use in many ways depending on your need and convenience. For safety, this car includes anti-lock braking, dual front airbags. You can buy it for Rs 4,25,926 (ex-showroom).