There will be doubt about the high security number plate and stickers, here will be the correct answer.


Ever since the government has spoken to the vehicle owners about the high-security number plate and color-coded sticker, they are quite skeptical. Nowadays challans are being deducted for not placing HSRP plates across the country. Everyone has questions about this. We will answer all your questions.

What is a high-security number plate?

The High-Security Registration Plate is a new type of number plate made of aluminum. These plates are taper-proof, ie they cannot be tampered with. Also, they get two non-reusable locks with them. These locks have to be broken to remove the number plate. This number plate cannot be reinstalled after the lock is broken.

Hence the vehicle owner has to purchase another new number plate. The chromium-based Ashoka Chakra is inscribed on the left side of the number plate and is written IND. In addition, the vehicle identification number given to identify the vehicle is laser encoded, which makes it very easy to scan. No tampering is possible with this.

What is a color-coded sticker?

The color-coded stickers contain information about the fuel type of the car and the Bharat stage ie emission norms. For petrol and CNG cars, blue stickers are given, while for diesel cars, orange and electric cars are given green stickers. BS-6 cars also have a separate green color strip on the upper part of the sticker. You have to stick it on the car's windscreen from the inside.

What is the price of a high-security number plate and color-coded stickers?

Their price is decided according to the category, price is fixed according to the four-wheeler and two-wheeler. The high-security number plate of the bike has to pay around Rs 400 and for a four-wheeler a maximum of Rs 1100. At the same time, color-coded stickers have to pay 140-150 rupees. If you want home delivery, then it will cost separately.

The high-security number plate is necessary for two-wheelers (bike-scooter)

Yes, the government has made high-security numberplates mandatory on both four-wheelers and two-wheelers. But the two-wheeler will not carry color-coded stickers. This will prevent incidents of bike theft.

Where to get high-security number plate and color-coded stickers

You can contact the dealer or apply online to get a high-security number plate. To apply online, go to, where you will see two options for private vehicles and commercial vehicles. On clicking on the Private Vehicle tab, you have to select the option of Petrol, Diesel, Electric, CNG, and CNG + Petrol.

Apart from this, you can also book high-security numberplates and color-coded stickers by visiting ( For more information, call (011 47103010) and may mail (

Hence, HSRP has been made mandatory

The important question is why suddenly the high-security registration plates were made mandatory, so the answer is that HSRP has been made mandatory to curb vehicle theft incidents. With the help of HSRP, it will be easier to track the stolen vehicles. The old registration plate had a number sticker that could be easily tampered with.

Anyone can easily remove the stickers on the old number plates and enter any other vehicle number registration. The number of plates of most stolen vehicles are replaced. Due to which they found it difficult to track. Now the police will be able to scan and track the number plate with the help of CCTV cameras installed on the roads under HSRP.

Violators can be caught immediately if traffic rules are broken. The number of plates of many vehicles has numbers written in the regional language which is not understood by everyone, in such a situation, now such things will be banned with high-security registration plates. The most important thing is that the government will go a long way in digitizing the vehicle data.