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The time of epidemic is going on and monsoon has also knocked. In such a situation, we need to be more careful about our health. There are many types of diseases in monsoon-like common flu, malaria, dengue, cholera, etc. Although people of all ages are affected by all these diseases, its effect is more on children. It is worth noting that the symptoms of all these diseases are very similar to the symptoms of the coronavirus. Therefore, it becomes necessary that you remain alert during the monsoon and take full care of your health.

Let's know how to keep yourself healthy and fit during the monsoon

Eat nutritious food for good health. Strong immunity is the demand of today's time and we get it from nutritious food. To increase your immunity, you should consume more and more fruits and vegetables eaten in the monsoon. Yes, keep in mind that the vegetables and fruits that you are ordering from outside, wash them thoroughly before using them. Apart from this, adding spices like turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper to the diet is good for immunity. Also, keep a distance from outside food and fast food, as there is a high risk of getting a disease from it. Also, note that there is no shortage of water in the body. Drink two to two and a half liters of water daily.

Exercise and meditate

To avoid diseases in the monsoon, along with paying attention to your diet, it becomes necessary to do regular exercise. It is not right to go to the gym right now, so do light exercise for half an hour at home. Exercise not only strengthens the body but also increases immunity and improves blood circulation. There is a lot of risk of infection and virus in the monsoon. It affects the respiratory system. To strengthen it, do yoga or cardio exercises. Apart from this, 15 to 20 minutes of meditation can be very beneficial for you to strengthen yourself mentally. This will help reduce your stress.

Many benefits of getting enough sleep

Adequate sleep provides many health benefits to the body along with relaxation. Everyone should get enough sleep of seven to eight hours. This will increase immunity, which will help in preventing diseases that occur during the rainy season. Apart from this, getting enough sleep keeps you away from stress, reduces weight, and increases productivity. Not only this, but it also helps in curing the patient's disease quickly.

Full attention to cleanliness

If the epidemic and monsoon happen together then one should be more careful about cleanliness. The risk of virus and infection is where there is dirt. That's why you have to wash your hands with soap frequently during the day. Children also have to be made aware of this. Apart from this, the house has to be cleaned thoroughly to eliminate germs. Dengue and malaria mosquitoes breed in such weather. Use mosquito nets to avoid them.

Pay close attention to the rules of social distancing

Viral diseases and coronavirus that occur during the monsoon season are spread through contact with a person. That is why it is important to keep a distance from the person who is sick. Also, keep yourself away from crowded areas. Wear a mask when you go out and follow the rules of social distancing.

Although you will pay full attention to keep yourself healthy during the monsoon, can this disease come at any time and can happen to anyone. Therefore, you should also consider that you must have a health insurance policy for treatment in case of critical illness. A health insurance policy gives us many benefits. This not only provides better treatment but also provides the facility of pre-post hospitalization. Apart from this, the burden of heavy expenses of medicines and treatment on you is very less. All you have to pay attention to is that from where you are taking a health insurance policy, it is beneficial for you. In this matter, Reliance General Insurance has taken the trust of the people.

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With the changing seasons, many types of diseases are ready to attack our bodies. In such a situation it is very important to protect yourself. For this, keep yourself fit, eat well, pay full attention to cleanliness and keep a health insurance policy with you in case of a medical emergency.