The video about not wearing a mask is becoming very viral on the internet, know what is the rule regarding the mask while driving


Every day new stories are coming out about wearing masks while driving a car in the country, the latest story of these is very much on the internet nowadays. If you do not know, then let me tell you, recently, while driving in Delhi, a woman and her husband were stopped by the police for not wearing masks, then the woman heard a lot of scolding of the policemen with her bullying. Told how you stopped our car. Who gave you this right?

When the cases of Kovid are increasing rapidly, it has been made mandatory to wear masks even inside the car, and heavy fines are being levied for not doing so in Delhi. Everyone is aware that there is a curfew in Delhi, and the couple arguing with the police about not wearing masks could not even explain why he had got out of his car. Instead, the woman shouts at the policemen for several minutes.

Challan cuts even if not wearing masks alone: ​​For information, let the Delhi High Court also said during the hearing that there will be no relaxation of any kind about wearing masks. According to the court, masks are a way of protecting oneself and others from covid-19 infection.

However, before this, the High Court was challenged for wearing masks while driving alone. That is, if a person is traveling alone in a car, then he doesn't need to wear a mask. In Delhi, an invoice of Rs 2000 is deducted for not doing so. Earlier, the challan amount was kept at Rs 500. According to reports, the couple has been identified as Pankaj and Abha, residents of Patel Nagar. A case has been registered against him under various sections.