The famous Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger car rebuilt after 55 years, was given the original gadgets like James Bond


55 years after the DB5 car was released from the production line of the former global manufacturing plant of Aston Martin in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, the British carmaker built the all-new DB5 Goldfinger Continuation (DB5 Goldfinger Continuation) and Now ready for delivery. It is considered the 'world's most famous car' and is famous as the most sought after car of the classic Aston Martin model.

Many of Britain's most talented craftsmen and engineers have given the finishing touch for the first time in the new but very well-known series of Aston Martin sports cars.

The 'Job 1' DB5 not only exemplifies another important design and engineering success but has become the first new DB5 (DB5) to be built by Aston Martin in more than half a century. With this, the British luxury sports car manufacturer's continuation program has made history once again.

Famous as the most sought-after classic Aston Martin model, the DB5 became extremely popular due to the James Bond film series. Delivery of the DB5 Goldfinger Continuation has begun and will continue until the second half of 2020.

Between 1963 and 1965, less than 900 units of this saloon car were built, of which the world's most famous secret agent, James Bond, also owned the car. DB5 was first shown in the James Bond film Goldfinger (Goldfinger) in 1964. In the new-age Bond films, the car was also featured in the film Skyfall (Skyfall).

The new DB5 models have been produced in limited numbers in collaboration with EON Productions, the producer of the Bond film, and many of the gadgets first seen in the film actually work in this car. The Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger Continuation car created history due to the many working devices created by Bond film Special Effects Supervisor Chris Corbould OBE.

Many gadgets have been included in this Bond-inspired car:


Rear smoke screen delivery system

Rear Simulated Oil Slick Delivery System

Number plates rotating in front and rear (triple plates)

Fake Twin Front Machine Gun

Bullet resistant rear shield

Battering Rams Front and Rear

Fake tire slasher

Removable Passenger Seat Roof Panel (Optional Equipment)


Fake radar screen tracker map

Telephone in driver's door

Gear knob actuator button

Armrest and center console-mounted switchgear

Hidden weapon/storage tray under the seat

Remote control for activating gadget

The engine

Every 25 cars of the new Goldfinger Edition will get an exterior color specification - silver birch paint - like the original car. The DB5 car gets a 4.0-liter inline six-cylinder petrol engine that generates a power of 290 bhp and is given a five-speed ZF manual transmission.