The dealer ran the car wearing a mask on the road, knowing the reason will be shocked!


Due to Corona, car companies and their dealers around the world have changed the standard operating procedure of vehicle sales. Companies are now focusing on online sales and online inquiries are now getting more than before. However, it has not given any boost in sales. Dealers are also finding new ways to increase sales. At the same time, a dealer wearing a mask to find a unique way to increase sales ...

QR Code on car doors

Chennai-based BMW's Authorized Used Car Dealership masks the Mini Cooper car, adopting a unique approach to increase car sales. Outside the dealership, he was seen wearing a car mask and had QR codes on the car doors. The QR can be scanned from the smartphone and directly to the dealership's website.

To get people's attention

The dealer did this special promotion on the Activity Red Convertible Mini Cooper car to grab the attention of the people. The company is also organizing a special sale, which will be held on July 17-18. During this time, cars will be offered an easy loan, on spot evolution, and zero maintenance package on BMW cars of three years old.

Do not drive the car wearing a mask

At the same time, the company will also make necessary arrangements keeping in mind the health and safety of customers. However, it is not possible to run a car wearing a mask, as cars with internal combustion engines have a radiator forward, which can cause airflow to the engine and cause the engine temperature to rise unexpectedly. This is the reason that the grill in the cars is at the front so that the engine gets air and the engine remains cool.

To create awareness

Earlier, Webb, a man living in Venezuela, USA, masked his car and named it "car-ona". He did this to create awareness among people about Corona. He said that people should take viruses seriously, wearing masks causes no pain and car masks are a good tool to make people aware.