The curtain will rise this month from the concept of MG Cyberster all-electric car, this car will give a range of 800Km in a single charge!


The British automaker MG was initially famous for its company's sports cars, but after its acquisition by SAIC Motors of China in 2005, its portfolio now includes mainly SUV cars. The British carmaker has not produced a single sports car since the TF Roadster was discontinued in 2011. However, the company now wants to regain its sports car identity through the MG Cyberster concept, and for this, MG introduced a glimpse of its two-seater sports car some time back. The first glimpse of MG Cyberster was shown in 2020., it is a two-seater roadster that looks like a classic MGB roadster. The special thing is that this car will also get a glimpse of the company's heritage along with the future. This is the reason the Cyberster is designed as an all-electric car.

Recently the company shared some pictures of this all-electric car on its official social media account. According to media reports, the concept of the MG Cyberster All-electric Car will be showcased at the Shanghai Auto Show between April 21 and April 28. The company claims that this car will be a high-performance roadster capable of going from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3 seconds. Apart from this, it has also been said that the Cyberster all-electric car will be able to provide a tremendous range of 800 km on a single charge. However, all these things have been told about the concept model of the car. The production model of the car is expected to be introduced in 2024.

Design: MG's two-seater Talking about the design of Cyberster, the world's first gaming electric car, it has the MG logo on the slim front grille with a Shovel styled lip spoiler. In the Cyberster Sports Car, the company has given 'Magic Eye' headlights which makes the front look of this car the best. Its side has laser belt LED strips that make the side profile attractive. The rear of the car has an aerodynamic design with LED taillights which gives it a pure sports car look.

Regarding this car with a very good look, the company says that once this car starts, its LED alumination headlight will automatically turn on. Apart from this, there are large air intakes with a black stripe on the long bonnet of the car, which adds to its look. To give the car's front profile an even better look, it features a 'laser belt' LED stripe and two shoulder lines that further enhance its look. However, completely correct details of the car will be revealed only once its concept model is introduced.