The company announced on Twitter that a motorcycle will be given to a person to save a child's life at Java railway station.


If you remember, recently a viral video of railway points saving a child's life quickly spread among the people. After watching this video, everyone is praising the courage of the person who saved the child. The video is of Mayur Shelke, who works with the Central Railway Mumbai Divisions, who rescued the child from a train coming down after falling on the railway line. The incident took place on April 17 at Wangni Station, the day there was a citywide lockdown due to the coronavirus.

Well, in appreciation of this courage shown by Mayur, Jawa Motorcycle has announced to gift him a new bike. This information was tweeted by Anupam Thareja, head of Classic Legends. Let us tell you, Classic Legends is a brand owned by Mahindra, under which Jawa motorcycles are sold. Sharing this video, the Railway Ministry said that Pointman risked his life to save the child's life. We salute his courage and duty.

The viral video shows a woman with a child on the side of a railway platform, in which the child slips from the woman's hands, and falls onto the tracks. On seeing the train coming from the front, the frightened woman becomes desperate to save her child. But no one seems to be around him.

Within seconds, a man can be seen running on the tracks from the opposite direction of the oncoming train and rescuing the child. The man drags the child and jumps off the platform in time to save himself from being crushed under the wheels of the train. Right now people are appreciating him by watching this video.