The car's expensive insurance premium is harassing, These insurance tips are helping to reduce the cost of car insurance premiums


Nowadays insurance of vehicles has become very expensive. The insurance of a vehicle up to 10 lakh falls around 30 thousand to 45 thousand rupees. At the same time, for a car smaller than 4-meter, less insurance has to be paid, while for a car longer than 4-meter, the insurance reaches 45 thousand rupees. But one cannot ignore insurance. It also does not mean that you buy anything in the name of insurance, which does not get any benefit.

Do shopping!

Contact the rest of the car insurance providers before renewing or renewing car insurance. Please ask for a quotation from them. The quotations of other companies are often cheaper. At the same time, quotations provided by the dealer are always expensive. This will allow you to compare all.

Ask for Discount

Before getting a car insurance renewal, ask the insurance provider for a discount. If you have taken fewer claims, then insurance companies take this into consideration. If you have not taken any claim in a year, then ask for no claim bonuses. At the same time, if you have not violated any traffic rules in a year, then companies take care of it and can give additional discounts.


If you want to keep car insurance premiums low, companies offer some packages, such as claims on missing keys, engine safe, claims on personal belongings, claims on roadside assistance, etc. The premium goes on increasing. If you want, you can refuse to take the rest by taking the facilities you need.

Anti-theft device

If you have installed some devices like GPS, steering lock in your car, which prevents the car from being stolen, the companies can offer you some discounts instead. With this, you can reduce the premium load on yourself.

Avoid car modification

People knowingly or unknowingly get their car-bikes modified, such as aftermarket silencer kits, LED DRLs, unauthorized CNG kits, etc. This not only eliminates the warranty of the vehicle, but insurance companies also increase their premium. It is better to avoid any kind of modification.