Tesla writes to the Government of India to reduce the import duty on electric vehicles, which may reduce the prices of EVs!


Tesla's electric cars are very much liked all over the world and now the company is going to take entry in India as well. Explain that Tesla has written a letter to Indian ministries demanding a reduction in import taxes on electric vehicles. If the Government of India also reduces the import tax on electric vehicles following the company's advice, then this will drastically reduce the prices of electric vehicles and they will be available to Indians at an affordable price. Let us tell you that the Government of India has been promoting electric cars in the country for many years and this electric vehicle policy has also been prepared.

In the letter written by the company, it has also been said that this step will increase the demand and sales of electric cars in the country, which will also increase the revenue. However, this demand made by Tesla may face heavy opposition from the ministry. The government has imposed high import duty on many ministries so that local manufacturing can be promoted, which will generate employment in the country, as well as India will not have to depend on other countries for many other things including electric vehicles.

This is not the first time that a company has demanded to reduce the import duty on electric vehicles, even before this many companies have put these demands in front of the government, but due to the opposition of the rivals in the country, the companies did not get success and import Duty remains almost the same.

Tesla is going to start selling its cars in India this year. According to the information, in a letter written to the ministries and NITI Aayog, it has been said on behalf of the company that, it would be better if the federal tax is reduced to 40 percent on fully assembled electric cars. This demand of Tesla can reduce the price of electric vehicles in the country, although whether the government accepts this or not will be known only after some time.