Tesla vehicles will be the first to enter these three cities of the country, the company started the initiative to open a showroom in India


For people who have been selling Tesla vehicles for a long time in India, this news is quite happy, let me tell you, Tesla Inc. is searching for places to open showrooms in three Indian cities. According to sources, in January, American electric-car manufacturer Tesla registered a local company in India. Where the company was hoping to import and sell its first car Model 3 sedan.

It is believed in the report that Tesla's first car will be launched by mid-2021. The world's most valuable automaker is currently looking for commercial properties in Delhi spread over 20,000–30,000 square feet. Tesla will start three of its showrooms in the capital city of New Delhi, Mumbai, and tech city in Bangalore, Pramukh.

Tesla has appointed Manuj Khurana, a former executive of India's investment promotion body. In October, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter that the company would "definitely" enter India in 2021, although some of the country's billionaires also made similar tweets in the past. The point to note here is that the showroom space and the appointment of Khurana are opening the way for Signal Tesla.

However, the journey of Tesla in India is not going to be easy. On the one hand, the problems faced by the charging infrastructure in the country, on the other hand, the tax on imported cars will emerge as a problem for Tesla. At the same time, the government is constantly focusing on promoting electric cars. Upon Tesla's arrival in India, an official statement last month said that the government would ensure Tesla's production costs in India are lower than in China.