Tesla recalls more than 2 lakh units in China, know the reason


Tesla has been in discussion about its entry into India for some time now. However, not only the arrival in India but the Autopilot feature is also a reason to talk about Tesla these days. Indeed, Tesla Inc. plans to recall more than 285,000 electric vehicles to address risks associated with its Autopilot feature following an investigation by China's market regulator.

These vehicles will be recalled: Let us tell you, the recall of this US giant includes 211,256 units of locally produced Model 3 vehicles and 35,665 imported units. At the same time, the company has announced that it will recall 38,599 Chinese-made Ys ​​models along with import vehicles. Because their autopilot systems are very easily activated during a drive and in this case, they can cause accidents. Tesla will upgrade the Autopilot system for the recalled cars for free, the State Administration for Market Regulation said in a statement on Saturday.

Customer protests in China: The recalled cars include some imported Model 3 manufactured between January 12 and November 27 in 2019, some locally manufactured Model 3 manufactured between December 19, 2019, and June 7, 2021, and June 7 this year Model Y manufactured till date. You may recall that during the Shanghai Auto Show held in April this year, Tesla faced a backlash when one of its customers protested about faulty brakes on Tesla vehicles. The incident prompted the company to issue a public apology and set up a customer satisfaction unit, and the company assured buyers that it takes customer quality concerns seriously.