Tata Motors' master plan ready, the company will compete with Kovid-19 in this way


Due to how the Kovid-19 infection is spreading in India, work in most industries is now affected than before. The automobile industry was also heavily affected by the Kovid-19 transition and this time it could be affected by the second wave, given that Tata Motors is constantly working to keep its employees and ecosystem fit. 4

Let us tell you that every possible effort is being made by the company keeping in mind the safety of the employees so that they can be kept well. The company is fully focused on assisting the affected employees and their families with their vaccinations.

You will tell you that the lockdown in all parts of the country can affect the demand for the company's cars temporarily, so the company has prepared a Motion Agility Plan keeping in mind the needs of its customers, dealers, and distributors.

Under this, the company will keep in mind that the company will do its utmost to meet the demand of the customers. For this, the company will work closely with the dealers as well as review the Sal Ro material.

The company has taken a lot of lessons from the previous Kovid-19, so this time there is no mistake like last time, care is being taken to ensure that the supply is not affected. Let us tell you that due to the Coronavirus infection, the demand for vehicles decreases significantly, in such a situation that care is being taken by Tata Motors.