Steelbird launches a new range of helmets with 'Brat' special safety features priced at Rs 5,149


Asia's largest helmet manufacturer Steelbird Helmet has once again launched a new helmet range "Brat" with the American company Blower. Let me tell you, the American company prepares high-performance, protective uniform apparel for the blower market. The two companies will further expand the helmet lineup by collaborating in the future and many helmets will be launched along this line soon.

There is no doubt that steel bird helmets are known for their finishes and innovative features, and brat helmets meet the level of style and safety needs of riders according to their brand credibility. Currently launched, the brand's helmets meet both European and ISI standards. This helmet provides high security along with the styling.

The 'Brats' are designed with a high-impact thermoplastic shell base that provides the best protection from all types of collision in case of an accident. These helmets are very strong as well as light in weight. Those are specially made from high-impact engineering-grade virgin plastic. Keeping the comfort of the rider in mind, the brat is designed with "Reach" fabric. "These fabrics keep the rider fresh during long rides, even in the summer season.

If you want to buy these helmets, they are available for Rs 5,149 at all Steelbird outlets and In color options, the company has made them available in SXL to XL size along with White Black, Indigo Blue Black, Gray Black, Black White, Black Yellow, Black Titanium and Black Red, etc.

Mr. Rajeev Kapoor, MD, Steelbird Helmet stated that “Brat helmet designers are equipped with compact design with interior and exteriors. These are highly accurate for today's youth. These have been specially designed keeping in mind the high international style with unmatched quality, world-class safety standards, and attractive vibrant color graphic. This for all those customers looking for a super stylish, compact, comfortable, and safe Hamlet. ”