Somewhere you are not even installing fake number plates in the name of high security,This is a way how to identify genuine or fake



Somewhere you are not doing illegal work because you do not understand the difference between genuine and fake High-Security Number Plate (HSRP). You can get caught in the law. Know here what is the real and fake high-security number plate game you can also become a victim.

HSRP became mandatory

In fact, it has become mandatory for all vehicles before April 1, 2019, in Delhi to have a high-security registration plate (HSRP) and color code stickers. A deadline has also been given to vehicle owners for this. Apart from this, a provision has been made for heavy penalties for not imposing HSRP on the prescribed limit. Before October 30, all vehicle owners will have to install high-security registration plates in their vehicles.

Duplicate number plates

The new trains are coming from the HSRP company itself. It has to be installed on old trains. Failure to do so will result in an invoice. People associated with the work of placing number plates are taking advantage of the fear of this invoice. Duplicate number plates, which look exactly like high-security number plates, are being worn indiscriminately. 400 to 600 rupees are being charged for these fake number plates. The public is being taken advantage of by not knowing too much about the genuine and fake high-security number plates. People do not know that the high-security numberplate which is being installed by people sitting on the side of the road, is fake and if checked, such vehicles will be challenged.

Sports running in Ghaziabad adjoining Delhi

According to the report, the game is going on in the name of placing high-security number plates in the number plate shops in Ghaziabad, adjacent to Delhi. Due to no action from the RTO, its game is running indiscriminately in many places in the city. When the shopkeepers were asked about the fake high-security number plates that would not be caught after being installed, their reply was that it would be difficult to identify it. These shopkeepers say that it is being made like a high-security number plate. People are getting number plates by reaching these shops in large numbers. While the AJC is determined to replace it. By applying online, the time slot can be easily changed.

Benefits of not being aware

There is no awareness about the need for a high-security number plate and its usefulness. Therefore, people are getting it where they are getting it. People are being saved by applying online and sending numbers to the center. Due to the high cost of money, people are getting duplicate high-security number plates.

Placed with a canceled registration

Recently, more than 70 thousand vehicles of 10 and 15 years old diesel and petrol have been canceled by RTO. Such vehicles cannot be applied online. If anyone tries, he will be caught. Therefore, such drivers are driving these vehicles in the city by putting a number that looks like a high-security number plate.

The complaint will be made with the police soon

Mahesh Mehrotra of Rosemarta Company, which works for the installation of high-security numberplates in about 20 districts of the state, says that such complaints have been received many times. Soon it will complain to the police. By which fake people can be used to create high-security number plates and take action on the vehicles.

The administration will take action

ARTO Vishwajit Pratap Singh said, "The bar code of the high-security numberplate is not in the fake number plate. The public needs to be aware of it. By installing it, the vehicle owner will not get the facility of a high-security number plate. So online application He should get it done by going to the vendor fixed. If anyone complains about this, action will be taken against the concerned in this regard. "

This is how to identify genuine fake

You can identify yourself whether the high-security number plate in your vehicle is real or fake. There is a bar code on the number plate itself. The bar code for each vehicle varies. Those who put this number plate in a fake way do not write bar codes because they will be subjected to legal action if caught by the bar code.

How to apply

If you want to apply for a high-security number plate, then you can on the internet browser. Type the aspx URL that will take you to this site. Here you will see two options for private vehicles and commercial vehicles. If you click on the Private Cart tab, then you have to choose the option of Petrol, Diesel Electric, CNG, and CNG + Petrol. Clicking on the tab of Petrol Type will open the category of vehicles after which you have to choose one of the options like Bike, Car, Scooter, Auto, and Heavy Vehicle. If you click on the car, you have to choose the option of the company in the car. After selecting the option of the company, you have to fill the name of the state. Along with this, you will also see dealer options here.