Should the glasses on the vehicles of stars of Bollywood also be investigated? This is the reason


The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has been constantly questioning several Bollywood stars since the drug connection surfaced in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. In this episode, NCB is calling actresses like Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan, Rakulpreet Singh for questioning in the drugs case. In such a question, is it also that should the stars of these stars be examined? This question is because many Bollywood celebrities in Mumbai have tinted mirrors in their cars. Now it is a little difficult to find out whether these glasses follow the rules. We will also tell you why it is difficult and will also tell you how much fine will have to be paid if the rules are broken.

What is the rule regarding vehicle glasses?

Black or dark glass is prohibited on the doors and windscreen of vehicles under the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989. However, some standards have been set regarding the visibility of glasses. According to the rule, the visibility of the glass of the car doors should be 50 percent. However, the visibility of the front and back heads should be 70 percent.

How to measure glass visibility?

The only way to measure the visibility of car glasses is to look at the visibility percentage written on the film. This is why many people survive by taking advantage of this.

Actually, the percentage of visibility is written on the film to be applied to the top of the car. But you will not see this in a local film. In such a situation, it may be that the film you get it to be more than the fixed percentage. But the police will have to stop the car to check it.

How much is the fine?

Under Section 177 of the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, there was a fine of 100 rupees for the dark over the limit. But after the revised penal list on behalf of the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019, it has been increased to 25 times. Now there is a fine of Rs 2500 for crossing the prescribed limit.

What is the problem with tinted glass?

If the visibility of the glass mounted in the vehicle is within the limits prescribed by the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989, then there is no problem. But if it exceeds the prescribed limit, it will be counted as illegal. Actually, if the visibility of the car glass exceeds the limit, then the person inside will not see the things inside the car. If any illegal work is being done inside the car, no one will be able to know. The miscreants often commit kidnapping by using such heads.

Why use tinted glass?

Celebrities use tinted glass in their vehicles due to privacy. Its visibility is less than that of normal glass.

A car with tinted glass looks good to see. It is also seen as a status symbol in many places.

There is also thinking behind the application of tinted glass that reduces heat inside the vehicle. Actually, tinted glass prevents the sun's strong rays more than normal glass. This does not heat the car fast. However, there are now transparent films available in the market, which keep the car colder than the black film.

The visibility of tinted glass is low, so it is not easy to see the stuff inside the car. In such a situation, many people use tinted glass to protect the goods kept in the car from thieves.