Royal Enfield's New Year's Striking Bikes, Stylish Design Will Get Great Features


There is good news for those who like Royal Enfield bikes. After the Meteor 350, Royal, Royal Enfield has promised that the company will have a presence in the market with a new bike variant launch every quarter for at least the next 5 years. In the year 2021, the company is preparing to launch many models of its bikes. The Royal Enfield to be launched in 2021 will see a lot of new customers.

A new model of Himalayan specially designed by Royal Enfield to run on hilly routes is being prepared by the company. According to media reports, it may be based on the 650cc platform. This can be a more powerful addition to the Himalayan in the market. However, the name of this Himalayan model of the company has not been officially confirmed yet.

Classic 350: The classic 350 bikes, called the heartbeat of the youth, is preparing to enter the new color form in 2021 by updating. The bike has also been spotted on-road testing many times before and could be the next launch of the bullet maker. This could be the next launch of the bullet maker. Interestingly, the new classic will be based on the J1-349 motor. Also, this tripper is likely to be equipped with a turn-by-turn navigation facility.

Hunter: The company may add another name to its portfolio as Royal Enfield 'Hunter'. Although no information has been found about it, if reports are to be believed, it is going to be a retro classic bike that replaces the 350 cc bike. It can be more compact and modern than the Classic 350.

Royal Enfield 650 Twins 2021: Royal Enfield may also launch the updated 650 Twins model next year. The new bike may also get a tripper turn-by-turn navigation feature with some minor updates. Let me tell you that most of the bikes of Royal Enfield are made in Chennai. All models of Royal Enfield are quite popular among the youth.