Royal Enfield is bringing more than one cool bikes, advanced features will be available with strong power


The country's leading two-wheeler manufacturer Royal Enfield is confident of launching its new products in the domestic market. For a few days now, new bikes from Royal Enfield's portfolio are being seen during testing. At the same time, the company has also filed trademarks of many new names. Some of these bikes are such that they will be an updated version of the company's current model. At the same time, the company is also going to launch some new motorcycles in the domestic market. Let us tell you which bikes the company is going to bring soon which are going to hit the domestic market.

Royal Enfield Roadster: Royal Enfield can launch a new Tweep Cylinder cruiser bike in the market in the coming year 2022. This bike has also been seen during testing some time ago. According to media reports, some new features will also be added to it, including a pull-back style handlebar, teardrop fuel tank, split seats, and alloy wheels. According to the information, the company can present this bike under the name 'Roadster'.

Royal Enfield Classic 350: Royal Enfield Classic 350 is the company's best-selling bike in the domestic market, now the company is bringing something new for the customers to capitalize on its success. Actually, the company can introduce the new model of Royal Enfield in the market next year. Recently this bike has been spotted during testing. According to media reports, this new bike of the company is based on the J1-349 motor platform. It is believed that some features of the Royal Enfield Meteor will be added to this bike. For example, the company navigator feature will be given in it, which also comes in Meteor.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350: One of the domestic products of Royal Enfield includes the new Royal Enfield Hunter 350, although no official information has been revealed about this bike yet. But according to media reports, the company can launch it by next year. According to media reports, this bike will be built on a retro classic style. The company will use an engine with a capacity of 350 in this bike. It will be even more compact than the current Classic 350 model.