Re-registration will not have to be done on the transport of vehicles in another state! Know who will get the benefit of this rule


The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has given the freedom to employees moving to another state from the process of re-registration of their vehicles. Yes, if you shift to another state, then here you will not have to register your vehicle again. Actually, a draft notification in this regard has been issued by the Union Ministry of Transport and Highways. Let us tell you that it has been put on the official website of the Ministry to get the public opinion on this draft notification.

Let us tell you that this arrangement on behalf of the Union Ministry of Transport and Highways will be available for Defense personnel, Central Government, State Governments, Central / State Public Sector Undertakings, and Private Sector Companies / Organizations with offices in five or more states/centers. The territories are governed.

According to the draft notification issued by the Ministry, the provision of IN series will be made for such vehicles. However, this system will be run as a pilot project in which the IN series has been used for the registration of vehicles of employees coming from one state to another.

Motor vehicle tax from such vehicles will be charged for 2 years or in 2 years multiplication. Let us tell you that people will get a lot of benefits from this system of central government and if you are covered under this rule, then you will not have any problem driving a vehicle when you go to other states. This scheme will facilitate the free movement of private vehicles in any state of the country upon transfer to a new state.