Police seize Dancing Scorpio, owner fined Rs 41,500, know what the whole case is


Modifying the car in India is not a big deal. Every day, we keep hearing stories of strange modifications of vehicles. On the same lines, owners of Scorpio have to pay a huge amount to make changes to their cars. Let me tell you, in the Delhi NCR, the police have seized a Mahindra Scorpio, which is known as a dancing car.

The police have also fined the car owner Rs 41,500. The car was seized during a routine investigation and is now with the police. Station House Officer Ran Singh of Tila More Police Station said that this car was seen at the check post near Hindon Airport. Police have seized it after receiving complaints from local people.

According to the complaint, the owner of this dancing car was doing stunts on public roads with loud music playing in the car. Due to which he has been fined. When the police acted on the complaint, it was found that the owner of the Scorpio had completely modified the vehicle. The suspension of the vehicle was tuned and modified in such a way that it caused the car to bounce repeatedly. Which is called Jumping or Dancing Car.

Used in marriages etc.: A few years ago this Scorpio was seen jumping in front of a policeman like this. Which the owner of the vehicle was identified as Nasum Ahmed. He is a resident of Delhi. Police did not reveal whether the vehicle was with the owner or that someone else was driving it. Currently, this car is used in works like marriage, for which Rs 15,000 to 20,000 are charged depending on the time.