Plan to go on an adventure by car in New Year, so don't forget to keep these 4 important gadgets


Now just one day is left for the new year to start, in such a situation many people are planning an adventure with their car. This season, going to a tourist place from public transport can prove to be very expensive, in such a way, people go out on a trip from their car with their family and friends. However, it is winter and in such a situation some precautions are also necessary. In such a situation, if you too are going on an adventure trip with your family or friends by car, then we are going to tell you about some important gadgets which are very important for you to take along.

Portable Air Compressors: Portable air compressors you must carry in your car. This is most useful when there is no service station at a distance and the air pressure of the tires in your car decreases. You can use it by connecting it to the car's USB charging port and it fills the tires in a few minutes. This gadget is available in the market at an initial price of Rs 1,500.

Humidifier: Coronavirus infection occurs while going on a trip, so do not forget to keep the humidifier in your car, you can sanitize the cabin of your car by putting a sanitizer in it. It is a spray-like gadget that is very useful at this time. It is available in the market at an initial price of Rs 500.

Chargeable Flash Light: If you are going to a hill station and your car's tire is punctured at night, then you don't need to find a bright spot nearby, so if you have a flashlight So you can change the punctured tire of the car even at night and you do not have to try hard for it.

Fire Starter: Many times during winter time the car goes bad. In such a situation, if you are on a mountainous path or do not get any help around then it can be a problem. Many times the matchbox in the car gets spoiled during the winter time, you should definitely keep a fire starter with you. It can easily light a fire in the winter and rainy seasons. The special thing is that it is very easy to use.