On the roof of a Tesla car, the woman created a lot of uproar in China's famous motor show, know what is the whole matter


The Shanghai Auto Show is currently being held in China, where automobile manufacturers are offering more than one car. At the moment, a customer created a lot of uproar about the Tesla car company at this auto show. After which the company apologized to the Chinese consumers for not resolving the customer complaints in time and said that it would try to correct the stated problem as soon as possible.

An unhappy customer from the company climbed on top of Tesla's car at the auto show and attracted a lot of attention. In the video that went viral on Monday, a woman is wearing a T-shirt, and she was upset about the brake problem in her vehicle. Because of which he started a ruckus there. The woman climbed onto the roof of the car repeatedly "Tesla brake lost control." She was screaming

However, it can be seen in the video that the staff and guards struggled hard to pacify the woman there. According to the information received, the woman was traveling in Tesla Model 3 when the car brakes failed. As a result, four members of his family were killed in the accident. If you consider Tesla, the trouble is increasing for the company. Recently there have been new questions about the safety of the company's autopilot diversion in the United States. Which is currently being investigated by the Texas police.

At the same time, in India, the company is ready to launch its first car this year. Further up the order, Elon Musk's company has included some of the top executives in the country. The company will make its debut in India with the Tesla Model 3. The price of which can start from Rs 60 lakhs.