On seeing the Hyundai Venue parked in the parking lot submerged in a pit filled with water, Anand Mahindra shared the video


You must have seen the video of one to the fatal accident of the car, you must have seen the cars crashing. But now the incident about which we are going to tell, you must have never seen or heard about it. Actually, this incident is from the Ghatkopar area of ​​Mumbai. Where a Hyundai Venue car parked in the parking lot after heavy rain got completely covered in a pothole. Recently, the video of this shocking incident is becoming very viral on social media. In which it is seen how a Hyundai Venue parked in the parking lot ends up in a cistern filled with water as if it is a toy and not a real car.

Video shared by Anand Mahindra: Anyone who saw this incident was stunned. At the same time, its video has also been shared by Anand Mahindra, chairperson of Mahindra & Mahindra Group from his social media account. He wrote, "The earth is feeling both hungry and angry in Ghatkopar, Mumbai after heavy rains. This video clip should have the sound of burping." Not only Anand Mahindra but many people have shared this amazing video on their social media and it became viral on seeing.

According to media reports, this car was parked at a pothole in the parking area, which was covered with cement and plaster. After which many people started parking their car at that place. At the same time, due to the heavy rain on Sunday, the pit was opened there. It is also clearly visible in the video that the cars parked near the pit-fall Hyundai Venue were not affected due to its falling into the pit and are standing as they are.

For information, let us tell you that every year there is heavy rainfall in Mumbai and the water level rises quite a lot on the roads due to less drainage, which also causes a lot of trouble in the movement of trains from railway tracks. Information is also coming out from media reports that BMC has distanced itself from the incident of a car like Hyundai Venue falling into the pit.