Off Beat: So this is the reason why JCB is painted yellow!


You must have seen JCB machines being used in construction-related works. This machine is yellow in color. Have you ever wondered why JCBs are yellow in color? Today we are going to give you this information.

It is said that initially, JCB machines were of white and red color, but later they started getting yellow color. The reasoning behind this is that due to the yellow color, day or night, the JCB is easily visible at the excavation site. Due to this people come to know that further excavation is going on.

It is worth noting that Britain's machine maker JCB is the first such company in the world, which was launched in the year 1945 without a name. It was then named after the inventor Joseph Cyril Bamford. Let us inform you that most of the JCB machines are exported all over the world only in India.