New Vehicle Insurance Rule: Bumper-to-bumper insurance will be mandatory for new vehicles from September 1, know full details


The Madras High Court has given a major decision regarding vehicle insurance, under which it will be mandatory to have "bumper-to-bumper" insurance for all new vehicles sold from September 1. Notably, bumper-to-bumper car insurance should be in addition to covering the driver, passengers, and the owner of the vehicle for five years.

Thereafter, the car owner should be careful to protect the interests of the driver, passenger, and third party as well as himself so as not to impose any unnecessary responsibility on him. This is because bumper-to-bumper insurance cannot be extended for more than five years. Let us tell you that in bumper-to-bumper insurance, those parts of the vehicle will also be covered in which insurance companies usually do not cover.

After this order of the Madras High Court, now the victims will get more coverage during the accident. Justice Vaidyanathan said that after this order, the aggrieved claimants will no longer be prevented from claiming compensation for the death of the deceased from the owner of the car.

What is bumper-to-bumper insurance?

Talking about bumper-to-bumper insurance, when your car is in an accident, there is a lot of damage to the car. The biggest feature of this insurance is that this, every part of your vehicle that has been damaged, no matter how small, is paid for. Under this insurance, the car gets 100 percent cover, which does not burden the car owner. Generally, when your car is in an accident, only a few parts of it are covered, which puts a lot of burden on the pocket of the car owner because even small parts of the car are damaged a lot.

Getting more coverage is only one advantage of this policy but with this, you will get many other benefits as well. However, to take advantage of this policy, the vehicle owner will have to pay a higher premium, which is the most important. Vehicle owners will now have to spend more money than before for 100 percent car cover, but this is a profitable deal in a way.