New car owners prove parking space, only then registration: Parliamentary committee


Because of the pressure of an increasing number of private vehicles on Delhi roads, a parliamentary committee on Wednesday suggested that new vehicles be registered only if the vehicle owners sell the "old" vehicle and prove that for the new vehicle They have parking space. The committee also suggested that the insurance premium of the vehicle be combined with the driver's traffic violation record. So that they can be charged a higher premium for every crime of breaking the law on the road.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs of 31 members submitted its report under the leadership of Rajya Sabha MP Anand Sharma related to the department. The report is titled "Management of Worse Traffic System in Delhi". The report has made 107 suggestions to improve the streets of the city for travelers.

According to the report, some "revolutionary measures" are needed to control the increasing number of vehicles in Delhi's roads. The main goal of the measures suggested in the report is to prevent the number of private vehicles in the city from increasing.

The committee has also raised concerns over "old" and polluting vehicles plying on Delhi's roads. Older vehicles mean 10-year-old diesel and 15-year-old or older cars of petrol. The committee has recommended strict action to implement the National Green Authority (NGT) orders to remove 10-year-old petrol and 15-year-old diesel vehicles from the roads.

The committee has also emphasized the need to create separate lanes for emergency vehicles, two-wheelers, and VIP trains. Although experts have praised these suggestions, but have also expressed skepticism about their implementation.